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If you are hearing impaired, your translator may sit in with you during your reading.

If you speak a  language other than English,, your translator may sit in to translate your reading. Only you will be read during your reading. (Skype and FaceTime only please)


 To cut down on wait times, Rachel takes 45-60 Phone & Skype & FaceTime Clients worldwide monthly .                            

Rachel's readings are proven to be just as accurate on the phone or Skype as in person.

No matter where you are located, Rachel's gift to connect with spirit follows through to you to gain the advice and closure you are seeking.


All readings types can be combined for example (love, career,  and connections on the other side)


I offer readings for the hearing impaired and also for individuals who do not speak english (email me for more information). 

  Psychic Intuitive Reading

Rachel can read into any aspect of your life.


 friends, love, relationships

affairs, pregnancy predictions, intimacy, sex


financial & career predictions, 


spiritual or biblical counseling. respects all beliefs  


family, children, or military


paranormal and past life, dreams, ufo abductions, alien encounters


Rachel is also a Psychic Detective for missing person or animal cases and murder cases to solve what really happened during suicide or murders.


She can remote view into how other people you care about are doing living or deceased. 


Tarot Readings upon request

Rachel has over 25 yrs experience with Rider Waite Tarot can used.  She reads them as an intuitive meaning not the book meaning as it is more accurate. Tarot is not mandatory, as she is born with the gift precognition (able to see things before theyhappen in any situation.


She is very open minded and nothing is too "out there".     


Rachel is a certified Reiki Master. Ask about included distant Reiki during your phone or Skype reading.


She reads daily for people with major life catastorphies.         She treats everyone professionally, equal, and compassionately.


You may also ask to connect with a loved one who has passed away, or about Paranormal, or even spiritual gifts if you wish during your reading. It is all included. 




Spiritual Connection Reading


This service is performed, through  In Person, Phone or Skype. Rachel communicates with your loved ones who have crossed over getting closure, or other helpful information. This service can be combined with any psychic reading for no extra charge.  

Spirit will follow whether you are in person or on the phone giving names, dates, places, sometimes even lost objects and she has also been known to solve murder cases.



Paranormal  Investigations


Rachel can intuitively pick up what is in your home and communicate with it to find out why it is still dwelling there or why it is bothering the tenants. She can also guide you on how to bless your own home safetly, and how to rid of it and how to bless any unwanted entities to the other side through the light. 


 If you have an emergency  things flying in the air or some other unexplained issue especially involving children, polergeist, or denomic issue, please email me asap and I will see if I can get you the number to a catholic bishop and or priest who can bless your home. I can give directions on how to bless your own home as well. 

   *note-Rachel cannot perfom      exorcisms as she is not a Bishop. We do have contact info to a man in south carolina who is a Bishop, if you believe you are in need of this service.



     Spiritual Gifts,     Western & Eastern Zodiac & Dream Interpretation &

Past Life Readings


Rachel can guide you on how to mediate to relieve stress and how to communicate better with your  spirit guides, learn about your past life to overcome obstacles in this life to evolve to a better state of mind for this lifetime and learn how to live happy for today.


Rachel communicates with your spirit guides to learn who your spirit guides are and guides you towards your lifes true purpose and gifts. 


 Rachel also has over 25 years of experience with Western & Eastern Zodiac, Love and Relationship matches along with Chinese Astrology informing you on the best compatibility matches in your relationships, co-workers,  & friendships .

If you have suicidal thoughts


Life Line FREE Hotline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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