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I met with Rachel recently with the hope of connecting with my deceased fiancé. The reading exceeded my expectations and I gained a great deal of peace from the experience. I have never sought the intervention of a psychic medium before. My fiancé came through with a great deal of specific information, that only he and I would know. I also had an uncle come through who had recently passed, who no one would know about. I am very grateful for Rachel's gift.

 by Susan Ryan


Me and my mom met with Rachel together recently and we both walked away trembling in astonishment of her spiritual capability. The things she discussed with us were very deep and personal. She was able to accurately tell my mom things about herself and our family that I myself didn't even know. She also made one prediction in particular about my father's health. The very next day he was sent to the ER. He is okay, but we are taking her advice VERY seriously now. Looking forward to next time!

 by Haley Kodak



Rachel is easy to talk to and very insightful. She was able to accurately describe details about deceased relatives. She told me details about my current relationship that were true (and would be unknown to anyone other than say, my mom) - no new news really - but along with her description of what she saw she provided strategies and thoughts to better navigate within the relationship. This was practical and helpful to me. I was skeptical prior to our meeting. Not of psychic abilities in general, rather that Rachel would not be able to be in tune while meeting in a public place. She was so focused and spot on. I would be glad to meet Rachel anywhere. I am looking forward to seeing her again 

Jaqueline Kline


Rachel is some one sent from God to help hurting people. I really got some answer to a lot of concerns that I know only Someone who I have never met should have not known she is a compassionate person who understand your hurt and concern.


Thomasena Williams

Thank you !

Just wanted to say THANK YOU:) I knew big things were going to happen as soon as our paths crossed..(I'm guessing my Mom, really made sure of it).... and since finding out I am BLESSED to have Michael and Raphael as my champions in this life, I am no longer afraid of things/feelings I could not explain.. I LOVE YOU and your beautiful SOUL.. See you soon 



I have been going to Rachel for the last year. I go to her every three months, and let her know what came to past and so on. Her readings are always on POINT!!! I recommend Rachel to anyone who is skeptical, Rachel will turn you into a believer. I now, have made her my ad-visor. I ask for advice, and ask her what is in store for me. I have yet to be disappointed in what she has told me. I have a reading with her later today! Cant wait to see what is in store.... I would consider, Rachel's readings time and money well spent!


Brandi B.


I had a reading last week and I was very, very satisfied with the reading. I have had plenty of readings so I feel like I know when someone is authentic and genuine and when they're not. She also communicated very well which I have come across some who dont articulate the messages very well and become confusing but not Rachel. She also confirmed some of the very same things that I have been told by other psychics so I am very anxious to see those things unfold. She was able to connect with a loved one from the other side and it was a very emotional experience. I will definitely be contacting her again.



Very Impressed

My main reason for contacting Rachel was to get advise about my current job search and following career. She sensed right away that my available options would take me down different roads. By using her wonderful gift, Rachel lit the path to a harmonious and self-fullfilling career I want so badly. I know that I am the only one who can make my future a success. The beauty of my experience with Rachel today is that I can now turn away from the worry and stress I carry with me on a daily basis to focus on the clearer vision of where my choices over the next six months could take me. Much Appreciation!! -Amber


Amber S.

Clearer Vision

After moving into our home, Dylan could no longer sleep, hearing things thru the night then having strange activity in the house he was sure we were not alone. Being one who has never lost anyone close or had any spirit feelings in my presence prior to moving into this home, I decided to call someone who could help bring peace. Having her team at the house and hearing her communicate things with Dylan about his Father and grandfather that I did not even know was bringing him peace. We also discovered that the activity was from an angry Native and that others were in our home as well. Dylan was also able to communicate with his father and he has been blessed to be able to do that. Thanks so much Rachel.



I came to a time of major transition in my life and decided to reach out for the first time to a medium in my area who could give me a reading and I found Rachel. She gave me some great direction in the professional arena, in Love and relationships, and helped me reconnect with a beloved family member who had passed.  Our conversation gave me a spurt of courage to  and negative relationships that had been holding me back.  I had such a wonderful and positive experience, I will likely be contacting Rachel again in the future and would recommend contacting her for guidance.


In the 30 minutes I spent on the phone with Rachel I found more peace and was given more hope than I had been searching for on my own for the last 3 years. Rachel has been blessed with a gift that I am forever grateful I was led to and will not ignore the implications of what it meant. Thank you.


Christina Williams

I had my first reading with Rachel last week, and it was just wonderful . She has an amazing gift, and I'm so very thankful she shares it with the world! She has brought me great peace in regards to some very difficult things I have faced in the past, and brilliant guidance for the furture. I will definately be calling Rachel back soon for another reading ~ she is so kind and genuine, like talking to an old friend :-) Thank you again, and many blessings to you and all who are reading this.....




I have had two readings with Rachel. I have to be totally honest and say that I was skeptical . Rachel has definitely proven herself with me. She is definitely the real deal. Rachel is not only a cool person, she is very understanding and willing to help in any way she can. She is not one of these PSYCHICS that tries to suck money out of you. It's amazing how accurate she can be. She will not End you down the wrong path. Rachel I am truely grateful that GOD has led me into your path. I know that I am on the road to the right direction. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!! You are awesome Rachel.



Satisfied Customer

It is hard to put into words how happy and satisfied i was with my reading, to say that it was amazing, is a SERIOUS understatement! Rachel not only "hit the nail on the head" with everything she told me, she also gave me all the answers to everything that i had been questioning in my life. She has truely given me the peace i have needed for over a year now. A year and a half ago i lost someone i love, my best friend Tiff. I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You have given me the answers I desperately needed! I would say the closure i needed, but I don't feel like mine and Tiff's friendship is over, I feel her around me all the time. And I hope I always will. Thank you again, so much! I can't wait to meet with you again!!! Sincerely, Lauren God bless you and your wonderful gift!!!



I emailed Rachel asking if she would do an international reading for me. OK, just in Canada, but still international. To my surprise, she did. I don't hold much faith in Tarot reading, but the very first thing she said took my breath away. She was spot on. I actually started to cry (although I didn't want her to know). Then my grandfather on my dad's side came through. How did I know? Rachel kept talking about a nose, and my father has a gigantic one! I will certainly be giving Rachel another call in a year or so. Thank you for taking an international client, you now have one for life!



International Reading

On a recent visit with Rachel and family, experienced some of Rachel's gift when she was unable to focus on our conversation due to so many voices wanting to speak with me from the other side. I could actually feel the "line of people" pushing around me to get recognition from Rachel. Received messages from many passed relatives and the former owner of our home. She was spot on and gave me many messages, some of which I am still applying. I had no idea she had such a gift! Looking forward to seeing you again, seeking some answers to questions I have for loved ones passed on.



Surprised friend

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I had never had a reading before and had never been "into" the whole psychic/medium "thing".  I don't really know what moved me in this direction, but I'm so thankful for the shove.  I picked Rachel out after doing some research on mediums in my local area and scheduled my reading.  It was very easy to schedule and I heard from Rachel very quickly.  The day of the reading, I was very nervous.  This was the first time I had ever done something so out of the ordinary.  What an experience it was.  By the time we ended our conversation, my heart was lighter and I was filled with hope for my future. Rachel was able to connect with my Dad - and she was SPOT ON!  Incredible!  She knew things she couldn't have guessed at.  She is the Real Deal.  Not only that, but Rachel is very easy to talk to and so sensitive and supportive.  She makes you feel more like a friend than client.  If you are reading this, please know that having a reading with Rachel will be a very positive experience and don't be afraid to take a chance - make an appointment! You won't regret it!


Carolyn Burrel

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